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Police Video Surveillance

Police Video Surveillance cams as well as criminal activity

An increasing variety of cities around the world usage Police Video Surveillance cams to prevent criminal activity, but little is known about whether these video cameras decrease criminal offense or just move it to other places. This column studies the impact of a massive intro of police-monitored electronic cameras in Montevideo, Uruguay. The findings indicate a 20% decrease in criminal offense in locations of the city where the electronic cameras are located, without any proof of a variation result. The program likewise shows up to use value for money compared to other protection and criminal offense avoidance actions.


An enhancing variety of cities around the world are relying upon security electronic cameras as a device for preventing criminal offenses and also sustaining investigations as well as prosecutions. However, insufficient is known about the effect of surveillance electronic cameras on criminal offense, and also specifically, little is learnt about whether video cameras reduce criminal activity or merely relocate criminal activity to various other locations.


The impact of police-monitored cams in Montevideo

In an upcoming paper (Munyo and also Rossi 2019) we examine the effect of a massive introduction of police-monitored video cameras in Montevideo (the capital city of Uruguay, with 1.5 million residents). In 2013 the Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay began to install surveillance cameras in some areas of the city. These cameras are continuously enjoyed by policeman located in a surveillance centre that integrates video security technology with the activity of cops patrol response.


Figures 1 as well as 2 summarise the geographical distribution of the areas monitored by surveillance cams, the variability in the setup dates throughout different road sections, as well as criminal offense incidence in Montevideo in October 2012 (before the beginning of the program). As usual, criminal offense is clustered in tiny areas that include not only the street sections covered by police-monitored cameras, yet likewise other locations all over the city. For more info:


In order to study the influence of this policy on crime, we make the most of an unique data source that includes deep space of documented criminal activity in the entire city of Montevideo, by road section, as well as the place and the moment of the installation of all cops monitoring cameras in the city. To identify the impact of police-monitored cameras on criminal offense, we make use of a difference-in-differences technique that makes use of the irregularity over time and room in the introduction of the cams. Our price quotes show that the visibility of police-monitored electronic cameras is related to a decrease in criminal activity of around 20% in dealt with areas of the city.


What is the reasoning behind these results? In concept, the impact of cops monitoring on criminal offense can potentially work through deterrence (a cops presence makes criminal task less eye-catching) and also incapacitation (police officers collar lawbreakers, leaving less of them around to dedicate future crimes). In spite of anecdotal proof of arrests made by authorities patrols informed by police officers in the tracking centre, our outcomes are not likely to show adjustments in the numbers of incarcerated lawbreakers. Hence, our team believe that our quotes need to be interpreted as a deterrent effect of authorities monitoring on criminal activity.


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